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Quick Demo Videos

The Decisions platform is a no-code, rapid development environment designed to quickly automate business processes. The two minute demos will give you a taste of our capabilities.

Decisions 5.0 Training – Basics

Basic training session recordings of Decisions free training from January 2019 on Decisions 5.0.

Decisions 5.0 Training – Advanced

Advanced training session recordings of Decisions free training from January 2019 on Decisions 5.0.

Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics integration could not be easier as Decisions maintains all the connections needed to add external logic and workflow to your Dynamics environment.

Common Approval Patterns

Using the example scenario of a purchase order approval process, Eric Welmerink guides attendees through setting up approval chains and other approval-oriented interactions in your applications.

App from Scratch

In this session we start from a blank canvas and walk attendees through building an app from scratch. After this session viewers should have a fundamental idea of the level of effort and process through which a designer user in Decisions can create an end to end business application.

Building Responsive Workflows

Building responsive workflows that put the thing at the center of the model with rules that determine what can happen to that thing. Contrasting this approach with Part 1’s traditional workflow design.

Business Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards

Business models offer a high-level visual view of complex business processes. James will demonstrate how to create business model views using features in our 5.0 release.

Building Simplified Flows

The 5.0 release of Decisions contains a new feature that provides a simplified flow building experience. This simplified experience is ideal for creating different workflow paths from a limited pallet of options to be used by people with limited training.

Integrating with Salesforce

Decisions has native integration to Salesforce and this webinar will show how Decisions can manage use cases outside of Salesforce.

Call Center Automation with Twilio

The Decisions telephony integrations can help improve your customer encountering processes. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Decisions can integrate with Twilio, in order to provide solutions for automating common call center operations.

Creating PDF Document

Creating PDF documents is a very common use case in Decisions and this webinar will show you how it's done. We will walk through the creation of a complex pdf form and show how it can be populated with Decisions.

Unit Tests & Debugging

Join us for a webinar that highlights some best practices on using Unit Tests & the Debugger in Decisions. Debugging and creating Unit Tests are two valuable tools to use when creating and testing an application in Decisions, as it validates and visualizes how the application works with actual data.

Building an ETL Process

Decisions can be utilized as an orchestration layer, extracting and transforming data from one application to another. Find out how in this webinar.

API Integrations without the SDK

Integrating with API's is easy and doesn't require any code. In this webinar we will show you how Decisions can be used to talk to external services such as Google Vision, Amazon Machine Learning and the USPS address validation service.

Using Work Queues in Decisions

Work Queues in Decisions represent a physical thread that can be used for multi-threaded processes. This webinar will cover how background processing is handled in Decisions by putting work into queues and having Decisions servers work on tasks within those queues.

Master Data Governance in SAP using Decisions

Join us as Decisions partner, Configurable Management, showcases their use of data repeaters and multi-role transactions within their SAP solution built on Decisions.

Decisions 5.0 GA Release

Our Chief Architect shows features and capabilities new to Version 5.0.

Version Control in Decisions

How do you package, deploy and version Decisions? This webinar will show you best practices and introduce our repository server. We will also discuss automated deployment and integration with other code repository systems.

Workflow and Rules for Lending and Finance

For lenders in new markets and lending innovators in every market who need to break through the barriers of traditional packaged lending software, to truly unlimited workflow and rules capabilities. Automate any human or data process on a single code-free platform, from customer-facing mobile loan applications to back office verifications. Easily build any rule with data from any source, from simple filters to multiple matrices of scoring and pricing rules.

Using the SDK for Custom Rule Sets

The Decisions SDK can be utilized to extend and expand the capabilities of Decisions and in this webinar our Chief Architect will show how it can be used to create custom rule sets.

Building Complex Questionnaires using Simplified Flows

In this webinar, we will show you how complex questionnaires can be built using our simple flow designer. Typical use cases involve a series of questions where the outcome of one question will drive the next question and so on. These applications arise in medical diagnosis, insurance claims and business processes with lots of branch paths.

Building Dynamic Questionnaires with Rule Chains

Our rule chains are ideal for building dynamic questionnaires and this webinar will dig into how that's best accomplished. Decisions 5.0 makes it easy to build dynamic questionnaires and minimizes the need to customize all the related forms.

Managing Workflow Processes

This webinar will cover the creation of a process-centric workflow complete with dashboards and KPI's. Decisions is ideally suited to creating transparent workflow applications complete with metrics and tracking.

Analysis & Scoping a workflow project

Where do we start? This is a question we often hear and in this webinar we will walk through a typical project from start to finish.

Importing-Exporting Excel Spreadsheets

The feature that we get asked most often during our working sessions is how to import & export data from Excel spreadsheets. In this webinar, you will learn just how easy it is.

Matrix Rules

Our Matrix and Tree rule editor is new to Version 5.0. In today's webinar Elise will walk through how to create matrix and tree rules using this new editor.

Version 5.0 Features and Roadmap

Decisions founder and Chief Architect demonstrates the new features in verison 5.0 and discusses the product roadmap.

Responsive Forms

Veronica will demonstrate how our new responsive form editor can be used to build fully responsive forms. Responsive forms are a new feature in our 5.0 release.

Applying Machine Learning Models

We will walk through just how easy it is to implement machine learning models in Decisions with a couple examples. If you are looking to get your feet wet in machine learning this webinar will show you how to apply and implement the technology.

Case Management

Building case management workflows that put the “case” at the center of the workflow with rules that determine what can happen next to that particular “case”. This is in contrast to a more sequential workflow.

Decisions 4.0 Online Training

Recordings of Decisions free online training from March 2017 on Decisions 4.0.

Flow Designer Walkthrough

Series of short videos showing you how to use flow designer in Decisions.

Building Responsive Workflows

Building responsive workflows that put the thing at the center of the model with rules that determine what can happen to that thing. Contrasting this approach with Part 1’s traditional workflow design.

Master Data Management

This video contains a couple of different examples that can be used to maintain clean master data. The first example is address validation and the second example is rule driven data cleanup.

HL7 Health Data Exchange

In this webinar you will see how to use Decisions HL7 engine to exchange healthcare related data between various practice, hospital and billing systems.

Rule Sets

A deep dive into Rule Sets – or a group of business rules in Decisions that all evaluate the same object.


In this session our Chief Architect and CTO review common methods of extending the Decisions Platform through our .NET SDK. This session includes a “cheat sheet” for quick can common way to extend the platform.

Advanced Forms with Validation and Data Flows

In this session, Aaron Broughton takes attendees through building more complex forms in Decisions that utilize Data Flows to make specific fields on the form more dynamic and ultimately more user friendly.

Business Rule Basics

A good starting point for those who are just getting started with Decisions Rule Engine. In this session we review the basic components and patterns of the rule engine and how to create a simple business rule and include it in a workflow or expose it as a web service to another application.

Decisions General Introduction

General overview of the Decisions Studio

Decisions Workflow/ Introduction

Overview of workflow in Decisions

Decisions Rules/Rule.NET Introduction

Overview of business rules in Decisions