Introducing Decisions Version 7

The latest release of Decisions rule-based process automation platform leverages cutting edge technologies to provide the most robust and flexible platform that is accessible to all.

Decisions Version 7 Datasheet

Learn more about our major V7 release in February 2021. Slick new features and user interface!

Decisions Version 7 Datasheet

Version 7 two minute explainers


Complete Features list

New Features

  • Design Patterns
  • Flow/Rules Integration Options
  • Composite Controls
  • Dynamic Form Flows
  • Global Debugger
  • Open Source & New Modules
  • Data Designer
  • Native Mobile***
  • Help Center [Integrated Help/Documentation/Support Chat/Validations]
  • Data Audit Improvements
  • DMN/BPMN Support
  • Charts – Runtime Editing/Personalization etc
  • Rule Table
  • Browser Scrolling Pages
  • Global Action Bar
  • Open API Integration
  • Log Reader


Performance Upgrades/Refactoring

  • Core Platform Upgrade to .Net Core
  • Property Grid Revamp
  • Folder Tree Refactor (Moved to React)
  • Clustering Updates
  • Installer [Completely New Code]
  • Client Side Rendering of Form Controls

Design Upgrades

  • Report Viewer
  • New Filter Dialog
  • Form Designer
  • Page Designer
  • Flow Designer
  • Rules Designer
  • Element Gallery
  • Truth Table Designer
  • Validation Enhancements
  • Overall Portal Design
  • Entity Details Panel (Modern Side Panel)
  • Catalog Forms (Modern Side Panel)
  • Report Designer
  • Debugger Overhaul
  • Import/Export Wizard
  • App Store and Modules Pages
  • Element Registration Picker Editor [Big Button in the Property Grid]
  • Create Element dialog with option to create from Design Pattern
  • Folder Create Dialog
  • Create or Pick Element Dialog
  • Flow Step Icons
  • Form Controls Icons
  • Page Control Icons
  • Enhanced Integration Details
  • Compare Flows Header

What's next?